Gomess from the first episode of UltraQ

"Ancient Monster" Gomess is a monster from 1965's UltraQ. Gomess was created from the Godzilla suit. The monster can burrow through the ground, as seen below...

Ultra QEdit

10m tall reptilian "mammal", this carnivore is awakened by excavation and wreaks havok until killed by Litra's acid. The suit of the monster is actually a loosely disguised Godzilla suit.

After coming across a stone egg deep in the Earth, a set of miners decide to dig down even deeper, and awake the underground monster of legend, Gomess, by mistake. The kaiju follows them to the surface, and starts to rampage. Soon, a young boy made the stone egg hatch into Litra, the ancient bird like creature was suppose to stop the kaiju's rampage.

Litra emerged from the egg and set forth to Gomess. As the bird like kaiju approached, Gomess bellowed, and the fight was on. The two battled to a stand still until Litra released Citronela acid, quickly eating through Gomess' body and killing him, the dinosaur like beast collapsed, and so did Litra, the deity's destiny done.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending OdysseyEdit

Gomess re-appeared in Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey, but was even bigger than the original Gomess. He was one of Alien Guts' monsters. Gomess was seen fighting Magular until Gomora appeared came and destroyed Magular while Gomess was sent back into his master's Battle Nizzer. When Alien Guts revealed himself to Rei, he summoned Gomess. He was, however destroyed by Gomora and Alien Guts, scared about what happened to Gomess, retreated by teleportating away.


After Rei and the Pendragon's captain, Hyuga, escaped Dail's detonated explosions at a ZAP SPACY space station (using a spare fighter plane), a black hole came out of nowhere and sucked them both in, while the Pendragon was incapable of saving them. The black hole was really a wormhole that sent them crashing onto a desert planet much like Bolias. The first monster to appear was Gomess, alongside the monster Magura. The two battled, but it was seemingly one sided as Gomess was easily defeating Magura, until he tossed him aside and aimed for Rei and Hyuga. Rei summoned Gomora to due battle against Gomess, who could do little to save himself from Gomora's onslaughts, until Magura joined the fray. Even with two against one, Gomora easily knocked them around and destroyed Magura with the Super Oscillatory Wave, after stabbing him with his nasal horn. Gomess was seemingly next to be killed, when it was revealed that he was really a Tamed Monster and was called back, but his owner remaine dout of sight. Later, after Hook Seijin had disappeared, Rei used Litora to search for him, when Gomess was summoned again with the identity of his master being Guts Seijin. Gomess managed to rival Gomora in power, until Litora assisted him by launching a couple of fireballs. After beating down his opponent, Gomora finished Gomess by stabbing him with his nasal horn, and releasing the Super Oscillatory Wave. Gomess was destroyed completely. Guts retreated for now.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend the movie Edit

This Monster re-appeared in the movie Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie


Burrowing: Gomess can burrow through the earth at a reasonable pace.

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